• PDLC Smart Film Transparency is Controlled Electronically


  • Electronic high transparency smart glass window film (PDLC) with instant, noiseless electronic remote control of transparency is used in the window treatment industry for home and office. Does not contain any allergens. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR SMART FILM PRICE CALCULATOR

  • RollerTrol™ 15 channel remote with wall mount holster, for G series smart film receivers and motors. Radio signal travels through walls, assign single motor to each dedicated channel, assign multiple smart film windows or motors to a single channel, operate channels individually or ALL simultaneously, use more than one remote from different locations, set...

  • RollerTrol™ wall mount 5 channel wireless motor timer controller can be programmed with preset times to activate our radio equipped motors and smart film receiver modules by remote control. Also functions as a wall mounted wireless remote control station (manual mode).

  • RollerTrol™ wireless 2 channel wall mount remote, for G series motors and smart film receivers. Radio signal travels through walls, assign single window to each dedicated channel, assign multiple windows to a single channel, clone remotes for control at different locations. 15 ch also available.

  • The RT Smart Hub learns smart film radio commands, radio motor control signals and IR remote commands. Controls everything via WiFi network and phone apps for Android and Apple IOS.

  • Fast Shipping

    We ship the smart film by air freight from our production facility, with tracking, directly to your door in a special heavy duty tube that protects the product from impact damage.

  • Great Communications

    We maintain a high performance database system of all our email communications with you, so you we can see at a glance what your order history and general discussion topics are.

  • Flexible Payment

    You can pay by credit card or Paypal quickly and efficiently.

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