electronic smart film for windows and glass

FAQ: I see you have electronic control of window transparency - can I install it myself?

If you have ever wanted a method of electrical control of glass window transparency, our new stick-on film may be just what you're looking for. It also makes a great rear projection screen!

This system is compatible with our remote control systems, including the ability to extend control to your phone, tablet, or PC using wifi and the internet.

electronic remote control of window glass film transparency, window in opaque mode   electronic remote control of window glass smart film transparency, window in transparent mode

We are now offering this material for sale, pre-cut to size with electrodes installed. Please see our smart film Price Calculator, and our Smart Film Online Catalog for detailed information. The smart film can also be operated on 12v DC (great for cars, boats, motorhomes, travel trailers, etc.), and we also have transformers that plug into a regular AC outlet (110v or 220v).

smart film evaluation kit sample If you can apply wallpaper, you can install this peel-n-stick glass film too. Connect a few wires and presto, you can turn the transparency on and off.

The evaluation kit sample at right has the electrodes installed, with a plug on the wires. You just connect the power transformer, plug it into a wall outlet, and use the line switch to turn it on (transparent mode) and off (opaque mode).

We would like to emphasize that our PDLC material comes cut-to-size with electrodes installed, so the complicated procedure of having to install electrodes is unnecessary, but it's always good to know that you can install the electrodes, in case you cut one into smaller pieces (or unusual shapes) with scissors and need to re-apply the copper.

Please note that the quality of electronic window films varies greatly; we advise that you should always buy from a trusted source or obtain samples to test before committing to a large purchase.

We have spent about 3 years thoroughly researching production facilities and testing production output, before we released our own RT smart film brand. Many manufactured types have much narrower transparancy ranges, higher voltage requirements and a high failure rate. The sample contained in our evaluation kit is cut from the very same high quality product we ship for general installation.

We also have 12v DC inverters that produce the required AC output, which also ensures compatibility with our 12v DC roller shades and window opener motors. This is also useful for cars, RV travel trailers and motorhomes, as well as 12v marine applications for boats and sailing vessels.

We have prepared this evaluation kit for those of you interested in seeing how this very useful material actually works; please see our RT online store to purchase our smart film evaluation kit.

Here's a list of the kit contents:

  • a piece of PDLC non-adhesive, high transparency "smart film" (35 sq. in - 5 inch x 7 inch, 225 sq. cm ~ 12.7cm x 17.7cm)
  • a power transformer with switch (please choose the 110v or 220v, depending on which mains voltage your country uses)
  • factory installed electrodes with plug connection for transformer

Simply plug in the transformer, and connect the wires - presto, you can now adjust the opacity of the sample piece by turning the transformer line switch on and off. This material consumes about 0.4 amps (about 5 watts) @ 12v DC per square yard when switched on in full transparent mode; the opaque mode uses no power.

Here is a representation of the 3 basic layers of smart film, showing both transparent and opaque modes. The thickness of the polymer layer bewtween the two plastic pieces has been greatly exaggerated for the purpose of this schematic representation, it is actually a very thin paste:

smart film cross-section showing transparent and opaque polymer alignment

The polymer layer changes its transparency when power is applied. Unpowered, the long polymer molecules are random and the smart film is partially opaque so you can't see through. When power is applied, presto! the polymer molecules become orderly and the film becomes transparent.

The copper electrodes are attached to the inside surface of the 2 outer layers of the 'sandwich'. The copper strips must touch only the plastic layer that they are attached to - not the other outer layer or the inner polymer layer.

With this latest generation of material, the transparency effect starts at around 20 volts and reaches a maximum state of transparency around 65 volts. Damage to the film occurs at voltages above 70 volts, so please be aware of this.

There have been some exotic types of dichroic and electrochromic 'smart glass' made that can have the opacity controlled by applying a DC voltage, but these have been very expensive and the cost of retrofitting glass windows or partitions has been very high. Now there is a relatively affordable new solution that anyone can easily apply (DIY).

Solar shade film has also been in use for many years, but it has a fixed transparency, whereas this glass film material can be adjusted from its transparent state to its blacked out state simply by the flick of a switch.

At the current state of development, it’s not entirely see-through when it’s in the transparent mode (7% haze), and it doesn't block 100% of the light in opaque mode, but it is still a very useful material that will only improve with time. It consumes about 5 watts per square yard when switched on to full transparent mode (blocked opaque mode uses no power). Voltage can be adjusted for varying degrees of transparency; it reaches maximum transparency at around 40v AC or DC.

Please see our RT online store to purchase our smart film evaluation kit.

The technology was actually developed in the 1980's, but this newer generation has brought it to the truly practical stage. We think this is one of the most exciting window treatment technologies we have ever seen; please stay tuned to this website for more product information, coming soon. We are now offering this product for sale (cut to custom sizes, with wired electrodes installed); if you require pricing for this material, please see our smart film pricing system.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our advanced technology products; if you have any questions, please contact us at any time!